Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Monday, 2 January 2012

dinner was a disaster

Well I finally got the ruddy pork defrosted, rushed round the shops like a loony because I had no veg cooked it all and then promptly dropped the pork on the kitchen floor. Hubby was well impressed, NOT!!

I have decided to leave the cooking to him as I have better talents, like drinking alcohol and swearing like a trooper.

Today the gym was practically heaving with sweaty people who must have decided exercise was their new years resolution, (I had forgottoen that this happens every bloody year). Hurry up and realise that you do not belong in the gym, you are better suited to exerting yourselves pushing trollies round aldi stuffed with biscuits and chocolate!!

I had to wait fifteen minutes to get on a treadmill FFS, so I attempted to use that stair climbey thing thats a bit like an escalator. Wont make that mistake again, my knees are killing me now.

Finally managed to do a walk/run session where I did 5 sets of walk 2 min run 90seconds plus a five minute warm up either side and managed 1.56 miles, still no excess pain in my foot yippee.

I then joined the spin class with probably the loudest instructer I have ever come across and cried my way through 45 minutes of sheer torture (my arse is on fire from yesterdays audiofuel session).

I went to have a swim but on glancing down on the way to the pool realised my lady garden needed some attention, covered myself and sloped back into the changing room.

The exercise is definetly giving me a mental boost as I came home, finished my reflective piece of writing, tidied up my client files and researched forensics units in preperation for first day back at placement tomorrow.

I think it is now time to get the shears out, as I really need to aqua jog tomorrow, dont want to push my foot too far too soon.


  1. I know what you mean about New Year resolutionists. All keen as mustard. Wonder how many are still sticking with it in 6 weeks.

  2. Hilarious! Get those shears out :)

  3. Well done for trying the stair climbey thing - I'm banned from using it cos it kills your knees - lol.

  4. HA! I just read your blurb about the gym heaving with sweaty newbies who rather ought to be pushing goodie-laden trollies at the market... & he said "Ouch!" We are both a bit heavier than normal this time of year (post holiday), but we both ran today... which doesn't change the fact the I still want a trolley toppling with goodies! But I ate yogurt w/fruit & nuts. Downer ;-) Keep up the good work, but let's not hurt ourselves OK? (feet, knees, what have you)