Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Friday, 13 January 2012

#janathon retirement

Got up at 5.30 am with the intentention of going for an early morning gym session, only to find myself stumbling into the wall twice as I was still drunk from the night before. So I got back in bed with a pot of extra strong coffee and finished reading Harry Potter and the secret chambers. Sad I know but I downloaded them all to my Kobo and am really enjoying them. Think it is because every thing else I read is so academic it is nice to just lose yourself in childish fantasy now and then.

Anyway back to todays Janathon effort, I took the dogs for a three mile trek on skipwith common, I enjoyed it but I thnk they have had enough of being dragged for long walks now. Blue is 15 and that is extremeley old for a greyhound and Mindy whilst much younger at 8 is proper lazy. Well today Blue started to really drag behind me at around a mile and Mindy lay down at around 2 miles and wouldnt get back up for about 15 minutes. She is now limping really badly so I think its time to accept that I cant expect them to participate in Janathon any longer. They normally only have a twenty minute amble twice a day and I have been speed walking them for 2-3 miles nearly everyday at all times of the day. So thats them retired from Janathon as of now.

I havent been to the gym today as I am still feeling a bit ropey but I did manage a 35 second plank and 20 chair dips.

Oh yeah, I had a great birthday yesterday, my Uni mates plied me with alcohol and food at lunch time and my family did it all over again later on.

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