Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
whoop whoop

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Invisible Instructers

Got up nice and early today to give myself time to defrost my rust bucket car. Only to be sat on my spin bike with 20 other women, (not all on my bike, they had their own) with no bloody instructer. Now I understand that sometimes things happen out of peoples control and I accept that. But I do not accept that the gym knew yesterday that they had no instructer for todays classes and did not have the sense to let us know. So I rallied all the ladies to fill in complaint forms as this has happened before and demand that we get some form of compensation, especially as it seems the gym has lost two instructers this week so there are limited classes available. There was also no pump as that instructer is still off sick, but we had to ask to recieve this information!!!!! I am sure they would have let us traispe up the ruddy stairs and set our stations out if we had not asked.

Anyway after my mini revolt, I couldnt go on the treadmill as my foot is a bit sore after yesterdays outside walk/run so I got in the pool and did 20 lengths.

Then I came home and moaned about it to everyone who would listen.

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