Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Audiofuel and Janathon go hand in hand

Made the decision to only drink one bottle of wine last night to ensure that I could complete at least one day of Janathon. So at 8am this morning I was stood outside the gym waiting for them to open the doors (lazy sods its usually open at 6am).

Straight on the treadmill for my walk/run comeback with Audiofuels shoot the breeze blasting my eardrums. today consisted of a five minute warm up with 5 intervals of 60 second run and two min walk then a five minute cooldown. As my foot is still dodgy I kept my speed low to lessen the impact and managed a cool 1.12 miles with no pain.

There was not one other person in the gym, which was suprisingly creepy and I nearly fell off the treadmill twice craning my neck to peer round corners looking for signs of life.

I then hopped on a spin bike and decided to give audiofuels powerblast turbo training a go, (downloaded it months ago and never even unpacked it). Oh my giddy aunt!!! I love it, I love it, I bloody love it. Didnt realise it was a full hour though until I tried to peel my arse of the seat and actually screamed as the muscles tensed up, good job there was still nobody else in the gym.

As I was huffing and puffing my way across the room towards the changing room, the token poser/tosser waltzed in covered in water to make it look like he had been working out for hours! He is probably still flouncing about tensing his muscles and staring in the mirror, I dont actually think he does any exercise but he sure as hell loves hiself.

I am now in the process of trying to defrost the pork joint I forgot to take out last night, for todays dinner with my hairdryer on a cool setting. It wouldnt normally matter but my hubby is a chef and I told him I could cook a better roast dinner than him, I should not be allowed to talk after alcohol!

Oh yeah the dogs are joining in again they had a 2 mile walk at 6am

walk/run: 1.12 miles (30 minutes)
dogwalk:  2 miles     (45 minutes)
Spinning: god knows how many miles (1 hour)


  1. Well done - I was on my own in a gym once, all the lights went out because they were on a motion sensor and I hadn't moved from the dreadmill for 30 minutes!

  2. Well done for getting to the gym so early and surviving more than a second on the treadmill!
    Good lluck for the roast dinner - talking of which I hope my roast port isnt cremated...

  3. You get extra points for being the sole gym bunny. I'm also very impressed with the creative approach to defrosting, that certainly shows commitment to a thrown down gauntlet!