Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Million dollar woman

Blew yesterdays crap day right out the window today, hubby had to be at work for 5am so at 4am we were both up drinking coffee from the new pot that he bought me yesterday afternoon in an attempt to cheer me up. He left for work and I dragged the poor suffering dogs out for an 3 mile walk, I cant imagine how mental we look with hiviz coats on, my headtorch and their flashing collars at 5am on a Sunday morning.

Got home around 6.30 and still had an 2 hours before my gym classes, so I dived into my client files updated them nicely, tidied my desk and read three Journal articles related to the empowerment module I start next week.

Next was my gym classes. spin and pump today, still going easy on my foot so stayed away from the treadmill. The usual Sunday spin instructer was off and to my horror spotted it was the really hardcore million dollar woman one, oh well I did bugger all yesterday!! 45 minutes later looking like a swollen oven baked tomato, drizzled in oil I crawled  ran up the stairs to the fitness suite.

Oh my god, that instructer was missing too and had been substituted with the million dollar woman from the spin class.  Now I have quite a few injuries that my pump instructer knows about and has given me alternative exercises so I dont make anything worse. Which meant I had to approach million dollar woman and tell her about said injuries and why I do alternatives. You will be fine she said, I will give you alternatives too, relief flooded through me and I set my station up.

Well let me tell you, the million dollar woman is as mad as a bucket of frogs, whilst others were doing nice sit ups, (which I can't do because of the bulging discs in my neck) I was forced to rest my forehead on a step bench and do some weird kind of floating plank, then because I can't  lunge/squat due to my plantar she had me balanced on weight plates doing what I can only describe as a pole dance with my weights bar.

But if I am completely honest I felt muscles working that I had forgot existed and I left the gym on an absolute high and will be booking some of her classes from now on. Must remember to place a towel under my head for the floating plank thingy though, as I have indentations on my forehead that are still there 3 hours later!!


  1. well done!...its the mad instructors that get the best results I find. I plan to be one of them sometime soon :)

  2. Congrats on the achievements today! Sounds like you have found the woman who is going to help you :) xxxx