Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Monday, 9 January 2012

Is it 5 or 10

Lengths in a swimming pool, realised today I dont actually know if you count the there and back as one length, or there as one and back as another one?

So I either did five or ten lengths this morning!!!!  I also had a really good session on the treadmill, until one of the people who only ever use a gym in January, thudded on to the one next to me. There are 20 treadmills in the bloody gym, I was on one the other 19 were free. It would not have been as much of a problem had he not stank of meat and potato pie and been swinging his sweaty hair all over me.

I had planned for 40 minute walk run today, but the smell was really that bad I had to get off at 30 minutes.  I had covered 2.26 miles in that time and had increased my running sections to 2 minutes, foot is not hurting any more than usual so I must be doing something right.

So any thoughts, did I do 5 or 10 lengths and should I have sprayed the stinking sweatmonster with deodarant?


  1. I thought one length was one way? So you did 10 lengths I reckon.

    I can't stand people getting onto machines next to me when there are loads of others free! It's just not British...

  2. One of the reasons I don't like going to the gym. I used to go at the same time as a guy who used to run and shadow box - most offputting!