Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Grumpy Cow

I was seriously grumpy yesterday and spent all afternoon in bed sulking because I was grumpy. No reason for it, no-one had pissed me off, I had enjoyed my gym session and both my teens were out!! Anyhow I cracked a smile some time in the late afternoon whilst reading Jogblogs blog (thanks Cathy) and another one later whilst chatting with mydodgyfeet on twitter who suggested I opened wine and then write a blog post. Now I am a viper when I drink and try to avoid talking to anybody because all the nasty snide comments most people think, I say. So whilst imagining writing a blog under the influence, I really cheered up. I went to sleep in a good mood, looking forward to todays spin and aquajog.

Bleurgh, first off I woke up aching all over with a banging head and my foot throbbing, not a good start to the day.  Dropped my coffee pot on the nice tiled kitchen floor, where it shattered into a zillion pieces, then spent ages trying to clear it up. Realised that broken coffee pot, meant I had to resort to instant coffee only to find my ruddy mother had supped all that over christmas.

I stomped to my car to find the side window open and a pool of water in the back, my gym bag soaked and my I-pod frosted over full of condensation.

By the time I had calmed down, routed round for fresh kit for the gym and screamed at my I-pod to work I had missed my spin class. Arrived at the gym to find at least fifteen kids in the changing room, now I chose this gym because kids are not allowed. Dont get me wrong I have kids of my own, but I have never inflicted them on anyone else in areas that I consider to be  for adults; pubs,restaraunts and GYMS. Apparantley on a Saturday members are allowed to bring their offspring in to use the pool FFS, that screwed my plans, there was no way I was getting in a pool full of kids.

So lets sum this up, I ache all over so have no intention of using weights, my foot is sore so cant use the treadmill, the spin class is already in full swing and someone off the reserve list is in my seat and now the pool is full of screaming rugrats!!!!!

Time to go home and get back into bed and sulk all day, only today I think I have bloody good reason to be a GRUMPY COW.  As for Janathon today that consists of a dog drag walk of about a mile because by now I really feel ill and pissed off.


  1. Definitely good reasons for being grumpy. Definitely good reasons for drinking more wine, I reckon.

    (Thanks for the compliment by the way)

  2. I am a "grumpy cow" this Saturday morning, cuz I just cooked 4 strips bacon, 3 eggs & 2 slices toast w/butter & jam for my husband, who's barely exercises once every odd week or so but is thin as a rail... while I had one dry toast w/1 egg, tho exercising daily & I'm the one who's chubby! So unfair.

    But oh well, I will sit here & mope in my coffee... looking for blogs to cheer me... until it's time for me to go to the gym in an hour :-) Hope you have had a better day! I think I will go look at jogblog-Cathy next :-)

  3. Gah! Days like that should be banned. Roll on tomorrow.

  4. I do love a ranty blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow brings a better day, or else more wine.