Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
whoop whoop

Saturday, 29 January 2011

3 days left

Phew, its been much tougher than I expected, this janaothon lark.

I have really struggled fitting everything in and can honestly say I will be a bit relieved when its over.

Today I went for an extra long walk with the dogs, we were out for two hours, forgot my garmin so will have to guess the distance. When I am out for 1 hour I usually cover about 3 miles, so using my excellent math skills, I estimate the walk to be 6 miles.

I also had an hour of Nell to contend with, I can really feel a difference in my butt and biceps since starting with this dvd, its definetly one I will be keeping up with once janathon is over.

On another note, I entered a competion for Student nurses in the UK months ago and forgot all about it, only to recieve a lovely e-mail yesterday telling me I was a runner up. Whilst it would have been great to be the winner of £600. I was actually more than happy knowing that out of over 1000 entrants I had come third. I get to choose a nursing book of my choice from Oxford University publishers, so I have gone for a really good one on epilepsy as that is the field I want to specialise in when I qualify.


  1. Mrs Lumpy Badger works for OUP, so if there are any other books you want, we can get them half price!

  2. Aww thanks thats really nice of you :)