Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
whoop whoop

Monday, 31 January 2011

7llb Loss in January

Not the stone I was hoping for, but its a start.

Well on this final day of Janathon I have walked five miles, done 45 minutes swimming, forty minutes of Davina and ate a huge fat cream cake. Janathon well and truly done :)

I am glad to have taken part, I have made new blog buddies (mr Lumpy Badger ,Lena, Kay and Jo to name a few)

I have read loads of interesting and inspiring blogs, I have been able to laugh out loud many times at JogBlog's ramblings intelligent and interesting posts.

But mainly I have been motivated to move my fat arse a hell of a lot more than I normaly would have done at this time of year.

I have added an exta 107 miles to my journey to placement throughout january by getting off my 4 daily buses a few stops early every day. I have managed 25 piddly miles on my bike and I have clocked up about 57 hours worth of exercise.
I am nowhere on the leader board, but I am a winner, as are all of us who took part and carried on when it started to get tough .

Three cheers for all the Janothoners, p.s. see you all in June :)


  1. Of course you are a winner - well done.

    And you were on the leader board - it was you and me fight forthe walking badges

  2. Well done! 7lbs is 7lbs :) and you've moved a lot more than a lot of people so good on you :)

  3. Hurrah!
    Awesome - well done.
    I have quite often read your blog and been amazed by the sheer number of hours you have put in, especially with all the other things you have been doing so - deffo a winner!
    See you in June!

  4. Hey well done on those 7 pounds! That's the perfect rate of loss - anything else would be unsustainable.

    I have loved reading your blog, and I shall continue to do so, so please don't wait until June to tell us more - particularly your thoughts on Nell and Davina :-)

    Also, thank you so much for your comments and encouragement.

  5. Well done, you beat me, I only managed to lose 5lb. You have been a great buddy and competitor

  6. 71 lbs sounds like a lot to me!