Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
whoop whoop

Saturday, 1 January 2011

eleven bloody stone !!!!!!

This is not a good start to the year, I have been fluctuating between 9 and 10 stone for a year or so now, but ELEVEN STONE, FFS!!!!

Janathon will save me from the trauma of becoming my humongous mother.

Ouch!!! i was only on the bike for a short time yesterday and did not expect it to have caused any damage, bloody fool, My ass is battered!!!

I managed a sad few miles before my body started screaming for oxygen and I had the pleasure of passing the weird, fake bus stop people, that some peole may remember from my Juneathon blog? Well the mad little man who put them there has re-dressed them !!

Pretty sure there is a secure unit missing a male in this area!!!

Well here is my pathetic start to Janathon

And then I followed that by cycling behind, shouting at encouraging my daughter on her attempt at a run as part of her new years resolution.

So my 1st janathon attempt is cycling 5.57 mls quite slowly with a very sore bottom. I got my stability ball out and after vigorous dusting and then re-pumping it back up, managed to do 100 sit ups on it. And that is me truly whooped for the day


  1. I sympathies with the weight thing, It beats me every time. I also sympathies with the sore butt too. after 2 days of cycling my butt is sore too, in fact I'm not doing it today, I did run though.
    Well done for getting out when many won't .

  2. I'd forgotten about the fake bus stop people, thanks for the reminder!

    Well done for getting out there. I'm still in my dressing gown.

  3. Those bus stop people are properly creepy. Well done for getting out there and doing stuff. Only 30 days to go ...

  4. I had a similar appointment with the scales a while ago so know the feeling, being the wrong side of 13 stone. Still you made it out today and that's the main thing...