Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Friday, 21 January 2011

Davina my old faithful, Mystery solved

when I find it hard to do any other exercise, I shove the patronising bint in my dvd player, turn the sound down and workout really hard. That was the plan today as I felt a bit better, but not well enough to venture outside.

Stupid woman is not in her case, where she belongs by the way. I have looked everywhere, even in the lazy ass teenage daughters bedrooms, whose idea of exercise is to turn the music up louder(not to dance or anything energetic,just so its louder).

Now I am feeling quite upset about this, which makes me think maybe I actually enjoy seeing her smug face on my tv, in fact maybe I actually like her!!

NAH, just find her easier than Nell Mcandrew.

So Nell it was, bloody hell what a workout, 1hr of pure torture, but do you know what? I feel great now, I sometimes forget that I used to be really fit and loved pushing myself.

Lesson learnt today is that it is up to me to get my fitness levels back, I can pussy foot about with lots of small efforts, but if I really want to be fit and strong again I need to push myself to do the tougher workouts.

I felt that great, that after lunch I did two ten minute challenges on my biggest loser X-box connect thingy, and I won. I am not too happy that my avatar is the fattest in all the challenges though, it better start changing shape soon. Cant say that having an outline shape like Barney the bloody dinosaur is good for my self esteem !!!

Cannot believe that I am that dense, was just checking my list of posts throughout january, when I spotted one with the exact same title as todays.
After reading it, I know exactly where mrs smug is hiding. She is at placement, I took her in last week to use on a group activity, must have left her in the dvd player, DOH !!!

Will change my title to Davina my old faithful, mystery solved.


  1. Haha!! Love it!!! Nell is awesome, she runs elite times, perhaps I'll take a leaf out of your book and acquire her for the cannae be faffed to go outside days!

  2. well done, great workout with Nell