Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bloody Buses

After standing around in the freezing wind waiting for a bus that was 40 minutes late yet again, my patience was at snapping point.

Not only had I been covered in some sweaty chavs cigarrette smoke as he chain smoked beside me, I then had to suffer him hawking all kinds of crap out of his disgusting mouth.

So when the dippy driver then got lost and added another 30 minutes on to my journey, I snapped. I phoned the bus company and let rip, I am not a complainer, but this service is a joke. It only runs every two hours as it is without it being ruddy late every day. In the last month, it has been late on average 30 minutes every single day.

felt loads better after screaming at some poor woman in the office (sorry missus) and had a lovely spring in my step on the walk part of my journey. Got to placement 2 hours late, sweating and huffing because I had practically run the 2.5 miles, only to be told I was not supposed to be in today. FFS!!!!

walked my 2.5 bloody miles back across town to find I had just missed my bus, which left me with another 2 hour wait.

As you can imagine Michelle is not a happy bunny this evening and is going to be supping at least one bottle of wine tonight!!!!


  1. At least 1 bottle, What a day. Hope that tomorrows better

  2. Jeez that is bad! Enjoy your vino!