Janathon 2012

Janathon 2012
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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

poor effort today

As It was bloody snowing again on the first day back of placement, waiting around for public transport that is always late and does not connect properly was no fun!! So I have been in a right grump all day, if I could score janothon points for moaning I reckon I would win hands down today. I only live 19 miles from my placement, 3 ruddy hours it takes me to get there, because of the crappy village bus services. I have been to Manchester and back in less time than that, its ridiculous. And then the same on the way home, 6 ruddy hours commuting Arghhhh.

I took the advice of a few fellow Janothoners and wore my Pedometer today, and have managed to clock up just over 13 miles, only 4 of them were my getting off buses early though, so I am only counting those 4 in todays exercise as my heart was actually elevated then. When I got home I did a twenty minute section of my Davina Dvd (Pump)I was going to do the legs section too, but I forgot to take any lunch with me today,and as I only had a piece of toast at 5am this morning, just could not muster the energy.

Tomorrow is another day

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  1. Awesome - 13 miles in total and 4 miles of "extra hard" You deserve a Janathon medal - especially in the snow.